MMBA 2014 Annual Membership
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Our Mission
Our Team 2018
We are a non-profit organization serving the Northern California, Bay Area for many years. Our mission is to promote cultural ties among people interested in Maharashtrian culture from various parts of the world.

::Our activities in Bay area include::

  • Cultural Events
    We organize annual Maharashtrian Festivals like Makar Sankrant, Ganeshotsav, Diwali. These festivals give the community a chance to renew the cultural ties and encourage children to learn about the culture.

  • Social Events
    We work hand in hand with organizations dedicated to running community service programs in India . Revenue generated from some programs is donated for this cause.

  • Art Events
    We provide platform to the local talents in Music, Dance by organizing presentations in performing arts. We also arrange programs by visiting artists from India .

  • Theater Events
    Maharashtra 's modern theater dates back well over 100 years. Keeping the theatrical tradition alive, we present an annual play in Marathi performed by talented local artists. Occasionally, visiting theatrical groups from India also perform.

MMBA Executive committee is a team of volunteers who are interested in Marathi culture and serving the community. The team is established every year, we include everyone who is willing to work hard and give their expertise, talent and time to the community. Interested in joining hands with the team as a volunteer?  

Email us at

Write to us: 3567 Benton Street, #246, Santa Clara,CA 95051

If you have any questions or need to contact us, click on the names below to e-mail the individual team members

President : Viraj Raut
Secretary : Vinayak Fadnavis
Treasurer : Dipti Shinganapurkar
VP Cultural : Sheetal Dolas
VP Admin : Ashish Mahashabde
Shaala Lead & Principal : Mangesh Tamhankar
Snehbandh lead (55+ seniors) : Mohan Achwal
Youth Activities lead : Amarendra Godbole
Additional Committee Members : Bhaskar Ranade
Shardul Velapure (Spartan Pathak lead)

: Viraj Raut / Bhaskar Ranade / Vinayak Fadnavis

: Seeking book donations: Please email for pickup


Any Questions? Please send an email:, write: 3567 Benton Street, #246, Santa Clara,CA 95051 or SMS: 408-508-4094