Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area (MMBA) is a non-profit organization serving the Northern California, Bay Area since 1980. Our mission is to promote cultural ties among people interested in Maharashtrian culture from various parts of the world.

Our activities include following and more:

Cultural Events
We organize annual Maharashtrian Festivals like Makar Sankrant, Ganeshotsav, Wari, Mangalagaur, Kojagiri and Diwali. These festivals give the community a chance to renew cultural ties and encourage children to learn about the Maharashtrian culture.

Social Events
We work hand in hand with organizations dedicated to running community service programs in India. Revenue generated from some programs is donated for this cause.

Art Events
We provide the platform to the local talents in Music, Dance, and Acting by organizing presentations in performing arts and competition. We also arrange programs of visiting artists from India

Theater Events
Maharashtra 's modern theater dates back well over 100 years. Keeping the theatrical tradition alive, we present an annual play in Marathi performed by talented local artists. Occasionally, visiting theatrical groups from India also perform.

Our official mailing address is:
Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area (MMBA)
1765 Landess Avenue #108,
Milpitas,CA 95035

Our email address is:

Non Profit status & TAX ID:
Non Profit 501(c)3 organization; FEIN# 94-2986211

2020 Committee

Vinayak Fadnavis


Dipti Vasudha


Bhaskar Ranade


Sheetal Dolas

Vice President Cultural

Vaishali Zilpe

Vice President Administration

Shardul Velapure

Spartan Pathak

Mangesh Tamhankar

Shala Lead & Principal

Mohan Achwal

Snehbandh lead (55+ seniors)

Ashish Mahashabde

Committee member

Mrunal Bujone

Committee member

Viraj Raut

BMM Representative

We are grateful to have your support, blessings and your encouragement in all the activities throughout this year.

  • We started the 2019 year with Sankrant celebrations with Haldikunku and a great Antakshari event that was both unique and all attendees enjoyed it. The photo booth was a great draw and everybody enjoyed the traditional puranpoli Dinner.

  • Amar photo Studio was a great success with the great help from Calaa and their team. Thank you to the Calaa team for such a great partnership.

  • We were able to get all Bay area teams together in the BMM reunion event and bring back memories of 1999 convention. We were fortunate to present our proposal for hosting the next BMM proposal in the Bay Area with the help of local senior advisers. We thank you all for the assistance and guidance. We are now a more stronger community together.

  • The Sahal saw a packed bus to Boreal for the yearly ski trip. All had great fun in the snow.

  • We had a great close up fun with Prashant Damle and Kavita Medhekar for our fund-raiser dinner with their team after their successful show in the Bay Area. Thank you to the folks who joined for the event.

  • Chaitradhun had a great turnout and we had to close registrations early to manage the event in a day. Swar-Anand saw a great concert by Anand Bhateji. Thank you NatyaSargam team for a great partnership.

  • Some unique opportunities for the youth were a day long Malkhamb camp, first of it kind in the bay area and another event that hosted a talk by professionals and high school youth on Mental health, Mindfulness and Anxiety.

  • Marathi Astitwa was an amazing program that brought the talent from all around the US to a thrilling and memorable performance. Thank you Calaa for supporting this program for the Bay area audience.

  • Nrutya Spardha saw a memorable competition with a hall full of talent and packed audiences. Special thanks to the great team of Judges and volunteers who made the first dance competition the talk of the town.

  • The first Marathi rock concert had Avadhoot Gupte, Swapnil Bandodkar & Juilee Joglekar make the bay area dance to their rhythm. Thank you SwarSudha team for a great partnership.

  • Wari brought the divine experience and transported everyone to Pandharpur for Vitthal and Rakumai darshan. No words to describe the energy, Dindi, Warkari, devotion and environment created by the the performers who enthralled all the devotees. Attendees liked the Taal memento.

  • BMM convention in Dallas was a great success for the Bay area programs that saw great attendance to all their programs. The best of all was the Spartan pathak that won the 1st prize win and rocked the entire event. Congrats to the team that put so much effort that no one could surpass them. The whole Bay area saw them perform with so much energy throughout Ganapati. The entire dedicated Spartan team rocked.

  • Mangalagaur was a great event with all the ladies dancing to the khel till late into the evening.

  • Ganeshotsav had a great attendance and participation to the dekahva of Kashmir Valley for the Bappa. The numerous performances and program by Nandesh Umap was the highlight. The Spartan pathak brought everybody to their feet and proved why they are the boss of the Dhol Tasha in the bay area.

  • The Shatabdi Mahotsav had a packed audience that were drawn with their respect and appreciation to the legacy of Pu La, Ga Di Ma and Babuji; with Sridharji himself for evening concert. We got a lot of great reviews from the audiences.

  • The Diwali event saw the great talent of Dhannjay Kulkarni and group make the audience dance to their great melodies. The Antakshari and the competitions were a great draw for the events.

  • The Final event of the Year was the Natya Spardha that has the team from Dallas win numerous awards and a lot of thanks to the Bay area entires that received a lot of accolades from the Judges and the audience.

  • In addition the Marathi Shala saw a record number of students pass the exam in May and an increase enrollment this year a 3rd class was added too.

  • The Snehbandh team meet every month and had various activities throughout the year.

  • The Bhetigathi program also was a draw with numerous traveling parents participate and enjoy the company of new friends to socialize.

  • The Spartan Pathak performed all throughout the Bay area and in Sacramento. They had an amazing year.

In closing, the Mentorship and shadowing program hopes to have better future.
Many other programs we conducted or supported may not have made it into this list but we were able to win the hearts of the Bay area Marathi Samaj.

A Big thank you to the Volunteers that were present from the beginning of all our events and stayed till the end for cleanup and closing.
A big thank you to the Spartan team that inspires us year after year with their dedication and energy.
A Big thank you to the Shala Teachers and volunteers who show up every weekend to spread the Mayboli Marathi.
A Big thank you to the Snehbandh and Bhetigathi teams for their dedication and enthusiasm.
A Big thank you to the sponsors and the Donor who have their faith and trust in us.
To all of them we Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to get the opportunity to come together, work together and unite together as a community that is a family.
MMBA Committee