Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area (MMBA) is a non-profit organization serving the Northern California, Bay Area since 1980. Our mission is to promote cultural ties among people interested in Maharashtrian culture from various parts of the world.

Our activities include following and more:

Cultural Events
We organize annual Maharashtrian Festivals like Makar Sankrant, Ganeshotsav, Wari, Mangalagaur, Kojagiri and Diwali. These festivals give the community a chance to renew cultural ties and encourage children to learn about the Maharashtrian culture.

Social Events
We work hand in hand with organizations dedicated to running community service programs in India. Revenue generated from some programs is donated for this cause.

Art Events
We provide the platform to the local talents in Music, Dance, and Acting by organizing presentations in performing arts and competition. We also arrange programs of visiting artists from India

Theater Events
Maharashtra 's modern theater dates back well over 100 years. Keeping the theatrical tradition alive, we present an annual play in Marathi performed by talented local artists. Occasionally, visiting theatrical groups from India also perform.

Our official mailing address is:
Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area (MMBA)
1765 Landess Avenue #108,
Milpitas,CA 95035

Our email address is:

Non Profit status & TAX ID:
Non Profit 501(c)3 organization; FEIN# 94-2986211

2023 Committee

Current bylaws can be found at the link below