Maharashtra Mandal Bay Area (MMBA) is a non-profit organization. Our EC members and volunteers work hard to make this organization run smoothly. We offer following to our volunteers:

* Friendly and Family-oriented environment
* Free entry to the event if you are actively volunteering for that event - minimum 4 hours of volunteering is a must
* If you volunteer for an event, we will also give you one ** FREE ** ticket for the same event so that you can bring your family member or a friend to the event
* We take good care of our volunteers by making sure there is an ample supply of Tea, Water, Snacks and Lunch/Dinner when appropriate and possible
* Opportunities to learn (Audio setup, Graphics design, Website, Event Management, Public Speaking and more)
* Note: You must have minimum BASIC MMBA membership to volunteer and to avail FREE tickets/entry to MMBA events

Volunteers are needed for the following committees

Food and Hospitality: Manage food for volunteers, performers and do a Fundraising food stall at the event
Decoration: Manage the stage decoration and banners for events
Organizing: Coordinate and manage logistics prior to the event and during the event, could be for ushering, competition line up or audio setups etc.
Registration: Manage the Registration counter and front desk counter at events

We can always take your help and we appreciate that ​hugely. If you are willing to extend your helping hand, please click on the button below and fill in the form.